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Question about Technical Questions I have a technical problem. What can I do?


First you should check if you installed the current version of Catan – Cities & Knights. The program has an update mechanism that you have to activate manually. When you start the program, in the first window you will find a button named “Look for updates.” If you click on this button, a message will indicate whether new updates are available; they can be downloaded by clicking on the button again. The updates are installed automatically.

If you still have problems with the program, here are two ways to get assistance:

  1. The PlayCatan Forum has a section dedicated exclusively to Catan – Cities & Knights. On the “Technical Problems” board, issues concerning the program are discussed and assistance is offered.
  2. You can contact our service team via e-mail. Please provide the following information:
    • Which program version do you use?
      (You can find the specifications at the center right side of the small window that appears when you start the program, for example “1.221”).
    • Which operating system do you have?
    • What’s the system configuration? (Processor, RAM, graphics card)
    • Please describe the problem as exactly as possible.

If a program error has occurred (e.g., a crash), it usually helps to attach the err.log file to your e-mail. The err.log file can be found in the Catan – Cities & Knights installation directory, subdirectory “/Client.” Please zip the file before sending it (e.g. with the free 7-Zip) – it can be quite large.