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Question about Catan - Cities & Knights for PC/MAC Why didn’t you further develop the old “Catan – The First Island” program ?


“Catan – The First Island” was a successful program, but it is 10 years old now. The former team of programmers no longer exists as such, and further development would not have been possible. Reprogramming had thus become inevitable. In late 2007, when we decided to develop a new Catan PC program, it was obvious that – unlike “Catan – The First Island” – this program had to contain not only the Settlers of Catan base game and Seafarers but also the “Cities & Knights” expansion. We analyzed the comments about “Catan – The First Island” that had reached us back then, and as a result designed a new concept that was supposed to focus on the essentials: varied scenarios and competent computer opponents.
In addition, unlike “Catan – The First Island,” we didn’t want to publish “Catan – Cities & Knights” as a regular-priced game but offer it at a more favorable price. This is why we refrained from including diverse optical gimmickry. But “Catan – Cities & Knights” is still quite comprehensive. It includes not only the complex “Cities & Knights” expansion – as yet never adapted to PC/Mac – but also a Campaign consisting of 20 scenarios.