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Question about Base Game End of the Game - Is there another special building phase at the end of the game?


  • No – if a player reaches the required number of victory points during his turn, the game ends as specified in the rules.
  • Yes – if the game ends at a point agreed upon by the players before or during the game, after which each player – beginning with the starting player – may take one more turn, that is, the game ends when player 5 or 6 has taken his turn.
    In this case, it is recommended to include another special building phase after player 5 or 6 has finished his turn, so that the players can use the resources they just have received. Otherwise, the last player to take a turn is at a disadvantage, because no one will trade with him any more. The order in which the players take their turns would have too much bearing on the outcome of the game, because during the last round the number of trades performed would diminish player by player – after all, why should a player who is no longer allowed to build keep on trading?
    This rule is also recommended for 3-4 player games, because otherwise the last player would hardly have an opportunity to trade. Therefore, in a 3-4 player game, a one-time final build phase for all other players would take place.