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The Settlers of Catan – Pre-2007 Adapter Kit

The Settlers of Catan –
Pre-2007 Adapter Kit

The 2007 edition of “Catan” (at the time titled "The Settlers of Catan") includes an outer frame to enclose the 19 hexes that make up the island of Catan. This adapter kit provides that frame, the frame extension pieces for the 5-6 player extension, and the harbor pieces that allow you to vary the harbor locations from game to game.

This adapter kit also allows you to use the “Catan: Seafarers” (2007) edition with pre-2007 editions of “Catan”.

 The Frame

The frame pieces hold the board together and prevent the pieces from moving after the board is in place. Before building the island, assemble the frame by matching the numbers at the ends of the 6 larger frame pieces together.

Using your 19 terrain hexes, you can then construct the island of Catan as shown in the rules for your earlier version.

The frame has fixed harbor types. To vary the harbor types, take the 9 harbor pieces and randomly place them on top of each harbor on the frame.