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Children: Here you will find games that you can play with younger children or that children can play together.

Catan Novices: You have never played "The Settlers of Catan" before? Here you will find the games that are suitable for you to become familiarized with the world of Catan.

Advanced Catan Players: You have played Catan a couple of times already, and now you are looking for games that are a bit more complex, but you don't want to learn too many additional rules? Then this is the right place for you!

Catan Experts: You know your way around in the world of Catan and think that you have seen it all? You yearn for Catan games that are even more complex, and you also want exciting games with longer playing times? You are a Catan expert!

An overview
of Catan games

Board Game

Board Game Base Game box
Base Game
Boad Game Base Game 5-6 Player Extension box
5-6 Players

The Four Official Base Game Expansions

Seafarers box
Cities & Knights box
Cities & Knights
Traders & Barbarians box
Traders & Barbarians
Explorers & Pirates box
Explorers & Pirates

To play the expansions, you need the Base Game. You can also combine the different expansions.
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Seafarers 5-6 Player Extension box
5-6 Players
Cities & Knights 5-6 Player Extension box
5-6 Players
Traders & Barbarians 5-6 Player Extension box
5-6 Players
Explorers & Pirates 5-6 Player Extension box
5-6 Players

To play the 5-6 player Base Game expansions, you need the Base Game and the corresponding 5-6 player extension.

Variants and Scenarios

Legend of the Sea Robbers
Helpers of Catan
Oil Springs
Regional Editions

To play the variants and scenarios, you need the game components from the Base Game.

The Rivals for Catan A Card Game for 2 Players

The Rivals for Catan – Base Game
Age of Darkness Expansion
Age of Enlightenment

Starting with an easy-to-play Introductory Game, step by step you and your opponent become involved in an exciting adventure on Catan.

Catan on the go Compact and casual

Catan – Traveler
Dice Game
Standard Edition
The Struggle
for Catan

Experience Catan in a new way.

Stand-Alone Catan Editions Similar Game Rules

A Game of Thrones
Family Edition
Star Trek
Catan Geographies – Germany

Settle Germany or even the Star Trek universe according to the almost unchanged rules of the Base Game. Or defend Westerors from the Wilderlings in a special A Game of Thrones - Catan edition.

Catan Spin-Offs Modified Game Rules

of America
of Europe
Catan Junior

Simplified game rules for kids and some additional rules for adults. New adventures await you on Catan!