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Klaus Teuber’s Ludography

Here you can find all games that Klaus Teuber has published so far – starting with Barbarossa in 1988, up to the latest Catan variants. Have fun Browsing!

6 titles
Year Title Publisher Genre Available
2019 CATAN for Nintendo Switch™ Asmodee Digital Yes
2017 Catan VR Catan Studio / Asmodee Digital Yes
2016 CATAN Universe United Soft Media (USM) Yes
2011 Rivals for Catan - Card Editor Catan GmbH Online / HTML Yes
2010 Catan Classic for Android Exozet / United Soft Media (USM) Android Yes
2010 Catan Classic for iOS Exozet / United Soft Media (USM) iOS (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad) Yes