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Released in 2014

Catan Anytime

Catan Anytime

Your friends are not available when you want to play Catan? Take your turns on your own time - anytime and anywhere (asynchronous gameplay) - in this online adaptation based on a modified set of game rules of the Catan board game. Available for most mobile and desktop devices, Catan Anytime is constantly evolving and offers fast and accessible game play.


About the game

Another Catan adaptation? What's the story behind?
To play the original Catan tabletop game and all its digital versions, so far you needed to get together with your friends (although in the digital versions you didn't have to meet them in person) at a specified time. But often you don't find a time that fits everybody's schedule, or you want to start a new game immediately and nobody is around. Catan Anytime allows you to play a modified version of The Settlers of Catan base game asynchronously, meaning that you can take your turn whenever you like and do not have to arrange meetings with your friends and other players to complete a game at a stretch. Just invite them via Facebook or e-mail and get started. The game is distributed as a browser-based app you can access from almost any mobile or desktop device.

In Catan Anytime the focus is on easy access and fast gameplay. Therefore, the base game rules were carefully modified to allow uncomplicated gameplay for newbies and Catan fans alike. And Catan Anytime is a product that constantly evolves: it is continuously developed further to explore new ways to experience Catan. One of the main aspects of this version is the social interaction between players. So, even though the players do not sit around a table at the same moment in time, Catan Anytime is offering them a comprehensive chat feature with integration of Facebook and Twitter. Also, the developers are currently testing additional, exciting communication features. So stay tuned!

Catan Anytime is available on - please try it out! Look out for new, exciting features to come soon and give the developers feedback about your experience (you will find a feedback button after login on

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Developer / Publisher: bontom / Microsoft
Requirements: Runs on most modern web browsers - requires Internet connection
Price: free