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FAQ: Catan - Cities & Knights for PC/MAC

Catan - Cities & Knights for PC/MAC

  • Are you going to add a higher level of difficulty?

    Originally, we had thought about integrating another, “higher” level of difficulty. Due to comments from players, we have now dropped this idea. A separate, higher level of difficulty seemed not to be of great interest; instead, many players wished for an easier level. We thus have implemented an Easy Campaign instead of a more difficult Campaign, to make things easier for newcomers. But the pros also benefited: we used many of our ideas for a high-difficulty level to improve the “Normal” mode, which is why the “Normal” mode should remain challenging for advanced players too.

  • Can Catan – Cities & Knights also be played online?

    The program Catan – Cities & Knights is only suitable for play against computer opponents. It doesn’t possess its own online mode.
    However, the Catan Online World is part of the installation package. This program allows you to play the Catan board games and various other board games by Klaus Teuber online. You must register to use the program; to play the Settlers of Catan base game, all you need is a no-cost Free Account.
    Further information about the Catan Online World can be found here.

  • Do the dice rolls really produce random results?

    Particularly when things are not going well and the robber comes exactly in the worst moment, players are sometimes quick to allege that the random number generator is flawed or manipulated. However, it has been proven in extensive tests that this is definitely not the case.
    Because two dice are used, the numbers rolled in each game basically follow a triangular distribution, meaning that, for example, a “12” occurs less frequently than a “6.”  One has to keep in mind, however, that we are dealing with statistical probabilities. It is therefore possible – although not very likely – that a “7” is rolled 7 times in a row. In a normal Catan game with approximately 60 dice rolls in total, the number of rolls is too small to always result in a perfect Gaussian distribution. Certain anomalies may well occur, and it could happen that the “6” is rolled more often than the “8,” even though the expected probability for these numbers to be rolled is the same. But all this doesn’t mean that the random number generator is flawed or manipulated – it’s simply in the nature of things and wouldn’t be different when you play at the table.
    In order to make the dice roll results as random as possible, the routine used for the random number generator is the renowned Mersenne Twister method. Among experts, this routine is considered as the ideal combination of speed and performance (in this case, randomness)
    More information about the method can be found here.

  • How do I move the game board?

    To move the game board, drag the mouse while holding down the right mouse key.

  • I always lose. Are the computer opponents playing unfair?

    We received some comments from players who perceived the computer opponents’ behavior in the game as unfair. Well, the computer opponents may play tough, but they never play unfair or against the rules. It was our goal to create a strong artificial intelligence that poses a challenge even after having played several games, which makes the situation a little more difficult for newcomers. This is why we subsequently added a Campaign for newcomers where the computer opponents play in a more “amiable” fashion.
    Klaus Teuber also wrote a blog post on this topic.

  • Why didn’t you add a soundtrack to the computer opponents’ comments?

    In “Catan – The First Island,” the first adaptation of the board game for PC, the computer opponents accompanied the situations occurring during the game with spoken comments. This was one of the most frequently mentioned points of criticism about the game at that time. People perceived the comments as annoying and distracting. We therefore decided to not include spoken comments in “Catan – Cities & Knights” but to loosen up the Campaign with spoken comments during the story sequences in between the individual scenarios instead.

  • Why didn’t you further develop the old “Catan – The First Island” program ?

    “Catan – The First Island” was a successful program, but it is 10 years old now. The former team of programmers no longer exists as such, and further development would not have been possible. Reprogramming had thus become inevitable. In late 2007, when we decided to develop a new Catan PC program, it was obvious that – unlike “Catan – The First Island” – this program had to contain not only the Settlers of Catan base game and Seafarers but also the “Cities & Knights” expansion. We analyzed the comments about “Catan – The First Island” that had reached us back then, and as a result designed a new concept that was supposed to focus on the essentials: varied scenarios and competent computer opponents.
    In addition, unlike “Catan – The First Island,” we didn’t want to publish “Catan – Cities & Knights” as a regular-priced game but offer it at a more favorable price. This is why we refrained from including diverse optical gimmickry. But “Catan – Cities & Knights” is still quite comprehensive. It includes not only the complex “Cities & Knights” expansion – as yet never adapted to PC/Mac – but also a Campaign consisting of 20 scenarios.

  • Why is there no hotseat mode?

    Experience with other projects had shown that this mode is not used very frequently. In addition to that, we had to focus on the users’ most essential requests, to avoid creating a budget overrun. We therefore decided to do without a hotseat mode and put more effort into the Campaign and the computer opponents instead – something that many comments about the first PC game “Catan – The First Island” had regarded as important.

Questions Regarding Purchase

  • Is there also an English CD-Rom Version?

    No, it is currently not projected to release the English version of Catan - Cities and Knights on CD. The English version is only available for download.

  • What do I do if the program doesn’t accept my license code?

    When entering the license code, please pay attention to the following:

    1. Exact spelling is important – that includes case sensitivity!
    2. Carefully recheck the information you entered upon purchase. Maybe a typo occurred. It is important that the information you provided when purchasing the program (name and e-mail address) match the information you enter in the program.
    3. If you checked the information you provided and still are unable to activate the software, please contact out service team indicating your name and the e-mail address you provided when purchasing the program.
  • When I try to buy the game, my e-mail address is rejected and I cannot make the purchase. Is there another way to buy it?

    “Catan - Cities & Knights” is distributed online by Share-it on our behalf. Share-it rejects e-mail addresses from certain free e-mail providers. This is a precautionary measure, as Share-it observed a comparatively higher rate of online purchase abuse from these e-mail domains. However, if you have a paid e-mail account with a provider who also offers free e-mail accounts, Share-it can not distinguish whether your account is paid or free.

    In this case, you can always place your order by phone. There are actually two customer services, one in the United States of America and one in Europe. You may contact the US customer service in English, while European support is available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese.

    Customer Service USA (Language: English)

    • Share-it - Digital River GmbH
      c/o Digital River Inc.
      9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150
      Eden Prairie, MN 55344, USA

    • Phone: +1 952 646-5747 (for calls from outside the U.S.) or +1 800 903 4152 (for calls from inside the U.S.)
      Fax: +1 952 646-4552

    Customer Service Europe (Languages: German/ English/ French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Portuguese)

    • Share-it - Digital River GmbH
      c/o Digital River Ireland Ltd.
      Unit 153
      Shannon Free Zone West
      Shannon Co. Clare

    • Phone: +49 221 31088-20
      Fax: +49 221 31088-29

    To order, please specify both the exact product name and the product number:

    • Catan - Cities & Knights [#300281486]

    Please click here to read more about ordering by phone

  • Where can I buy Cities & Knights?

    The English version of Catan – Cities & Knights is available as a download-only version. Through our partner Share-it you can purchase a license code for upgrading the demo version to a full version.

  • Who can I contact if a problem with the purchase transaction occurs?

    If you have purchased the download version via this website and encounter payment or billing problems, please contact our partner Share-it. Share-it is also the party you enter into the purchase agreement with.

    In case of purely technical questions, please contact our service team. Unfortunately, though, we cannot answer billing questions via this address.

Technical Questions