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The “Age of Enlightenment” Expansion

Special Cards

  • Axel the Innovator - Do I receive gold if the new building costs less?

    No. If the removed building costs more than the new building you have built, you don't receive gold.

  • Axel the Innovator - May I build the new building at a different location - for example, may I remove a road complement and then build a city expansion?

    No. The new building replaces the removed building and thus must be placed at the location of the removed building.

  • Axel the Innovator - May I remove a building and replace it with the same building?

    If you remove a building, you are not allowed to build the same building again.

  • Axel the Innovator - May I remove an Abbey and replace it with a University?

    No, even after removing the building the requirement for building it must still be met.

  • What are Special Cards?

    Special cards are cards which, on occasions such as the annual game fair in Essen/Germany, are published in honor of people who contributed to the success of the Catan games. These cards do not belong to the regular card pool, and both players or, if applicable, the organizers of a tournament must agree to include these cards in the game. The cards have been published at first in German only. Some of them can be now purchased in English language via the Catan Shop.

    To date, the following cards have been published:

    • Axel, der Erneuerer (Axel the Innovator), published in 2010 for the Theme Game "The Era of Gold," the Duel of the Princes, and the Tournament Game:
      Remove a building. Replace it with another building and pay the difference of the building costs in gold. Observe the building rules!

    • Johannes, der Advokat (Johannes the Advocate), published in 2011 for the Theme Game "The Era of Merchant Princes," the Duel of the Princes, and the Tournament Game:
      If you lose resources due to an action card played by your opponent, you may pay 1 gold and roll the die. 1-3: Demand 1 resource from your opponent; if he leads, you may demand another 1 from him. 4, 5: You get your gold back.

    • Catan Mobil, published  in Spring 2012 especially for the Introductory Game, the Duel of the Princes and the Tournament Game:
      If the production number of an adjacent region is rolled, you receive 1 additional resource in that region. Afterwards, place the Catan Mobil on another empty building site - if need be, on one of your opponent's empty building sites. If there is no empty building site, place the Catan Mobil on the discard pile (on your own discard pile).
      Note: This card is only available at the German Catan Shop

    • Carol, die Spieleerklärerin (Carol the Game Teacher), published spring 2012 especially for the Introductory Game, the Duel of the Princes, and the Tournament Game:
      At the beginning of the game, place this card in your principality. Once during your opponent's turn: If you can answer one of his rule questions, you both receive 1 resource, indicated by a region adjacent to Carol.
      Note: This card isn't available at the Catan Shop.

    • Alexander und Sebastian, die Buchhalter (Alexander and Sebastian, the Bookkeepers), published fall 2012 for the Theme Game "The Era of Prosperity," the Duel of the Princes, and the Tournament Game:
      Your treasures have been recounted in your favor. If you are in the lead, immediately take any 1 resource of your choice, otherwise take any 2 resources. Requires: Prince or Princess.

    • Gavin, der Sprachkundige (Gavin the Polyglot), published fall 2013 for the Introductory Game and all other Games:
      1x during your turn: You may exchange 1 resource from a region where you have 3 resources for any 1 different resource of your choice.